Cancer Treatment, Colon Cleansing, and Maintaining the Ecology Balance – Episode #2

Victoria Smith

February 14, 2009


In this episode we continue with part 2 of a 4 part series where Victoria is interviewed by Dr. Symeon’s as they look at cancer treatment options, digestive health and colon cleansing, and balancing the body’s ecological system.

FermPlus Probiotics for the Digestive Track
FermPlus Probiotics for the Digestive Track

Looking at cancer treatment options, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself if you provide the body with the right raw materials. You want to give your body very dense nutrition and remove heavy toxins. The glyconutrients in particular may stimulate the body to manufacture stem cells, beta glucans and other nutrients that combined are what the body needs to manufacture natural killer and other immune cells. This in turn identifies and eradicates cancer and other pathogens. Herbicides and pesticides have been found in one hundred percent of tumors, so it is necessary to remove what is causing mutations.
Is colon cleansing sufficient to get the body back on track to a healthy digestive system? Victoria explains just what colon cleansing will and will not do for you.

Depression can be alleviated by balancing your body’s ecology. The use of Probiotics can help rebalance the system. The micro flora in your digestive system cleans your bowel, regulates bowel movements, and supports immune functions. It also supports 85% of serotonin manufacturing. Low serotonin is a cause of depression and other nutritional deficiencies such as B12.


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