I provide individualized, expert and confidential consultations. During your consultation, I’ll seek to uncover the causes of your bodies imbalances and fully explain them in easy to understand language and, I will provide you with easy, affordable and effective ways to provide your body with what it needs to rebalance every system.

I am always happy to answer questions about herbs and supplements you might already be taking (because some of them may be helpful, while others may actually be harmful). Together we will develop a personalized plan of action, customized especially to meet your individual needs.

You can ask about any health-related issue. I have spent years studying, and continue to seek out the most up-to-date therapies in the forum of wellness. I literally read hundreds of books each year, attend classes, seminars, review newsletters, journals and continue my education constantly. I enjoy sharing information that is within my scope of knowledge and frequently suggest alternative resources.

Even though I highly respect and am eternally grateful to the individuals who provided me with a piece of the puzzle along the way, not any one individual that I consulted with, studied under or learned from has provided the whole package, as I offer. After your consultation, you are likely to think of a few more questions, and I am available via email for follow up questions between consultations.

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One person at a time, I strive to make a difference!

NOTE: Consultations are provided through  Significant Healing Well Care Practice.

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