Toxicity in the Body Episode #1

Victoria Smith

January 29, 2009


In this episode you will hear part 1 of a 4 part series where Victoria is interviewed by Dr. Symeon a priest and spiritual father of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ottawa, Canada that has dedicated himself to clarifying and systematizing methods of self-transformation to bring about dramatic healing results in the lives of ordinary people. You will hear Victoria talk about how she was struck with an illness that nearly incapacitated her. They will discuss toxicity in the body such as Mercury that can be found in tuna and the importance of detoxifying your body to improve your health.

In this interview they discuss how toxicity in the body can affect your health as well as ways of detoxifying your body and methods of improving your health. They talk about cancer and maintaining the Ecological balance within the body. Also discussed is the importance of good nutrition to allow the body to properly heal itself and the advantages of detoxifying the body with Zeolite and improving the immune system with Argarigold.

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