Testimony by Leah McCullough


February 6, 2009


“My own case of Candida started much the same as everyone else’s, with a round of antibiotics, and progressed over the next 20 years. Once Candida became so rooted that I had a difficult time functioning, my own loved ones had a hard time understanding, as the doctors confirmed their suspicions … there was nothing wrong with me. But eventually it became obvious to my family, friends, community and doctors that I was very ill. Still, no diagnosis, nothing to help.

I researched, consulted and experimented for years, searching for a way to end my own long term debilitating state of health. Fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog, chronic constipation and recurring vaginal yeast infections were plaguing my life. I was alive, but not living. My knees hurt so badly that I could barely walk. Brain fog kept me from basic communications, as did my memory loss. When I wasn’t sleeping around the clock, I experienced insomnia. My physical appearance had declined, and my hair was falling out and beginning to gray. You could find handfuls of my hair on my bathroom floor, on any given day.

Like so many other health care professionals, when I became ill, I found that the very treatment [which we] recommended was ineffective. My clients tell me that I am a unique health care professional …. because I walked in their shoes and share with them safe and natural effective ways to normalize their body.

I had been a functioning sick person since I was 15 years old when I contracted some strange virus. The left side of my body broke out in a rash. The left side of my body became swollen and inside my mouth there were hundreds of blisters, only on the left side. Treatment included high doses of intravenous antibiotic’s and other medications.

A few months later I began having seizures. Fortunately my seizures were able to be completely controlled with medication, and this allowed me to obtain a drivers license. I did have concerns about my health, but even friends were unaware of these concerns because I looked the pillar of health and did not spend a lot of time thinking or talking about my health.

After graduating and working for a time, I married. My husband and I had three beautiful children that became the center of our lives. Other than sleeping more than most Moms, I lived a normal life. I did have recurring yeast infections, but accepted this as part of the childbearing years. My husband and I had been successful in all areas of our life; we enjoyed family life and succeeded professionally for many years until it all began.

When I was 33 years old, I began sleeping more than I had ever been. I was slowing down and I could barely get through my work days much less cooking and cleaning for our family and I did not know why. This is when I started going to medical doctors, and every one of them told me that I was healthy and that my symptoms did not exist. One doctor gave me Paxil to mask the symptoms and this only made me even more sleepy, and I did not need this.

Our family existed this way until I was about 35 years old. One day when I was riding a quad runner I rolled it over on myself. The impact caused Trauma Induced Fibryomyalgia. Trauma, stress, injury or illness often times accelerate Candida. My life went from bad to worse, tearing our family apart. My walking became labored, my feet felt so heavy, I could not lift them. When I bought a pair of chunky clogs, I could not wear them, they were too heavy. I literally slid around, dragging my left foot. Later my neurologist explained to me that I was in the beginning stages of paralysis. My sleep increased to about 22 or more hours a day. My husband had no wife, my children had no mother. I had such a brain fog that I could not understand when people were talking to me. I completely lost my good memory and was getting lost in my own home. My neck was completely locked up and I could not turn my head to the right or the left. Every muscle became tight and you could feel little knots under my skin, everywhere. It was more painful than anyone could imagine. The one time that I did take prescription pain medicine, I found that it did not decrease my pain one bit.

My husband had to do everything, and tried to live a normal life for our children. For example, when we took our children on campouts, I slept in the camper while they swam, fished, sat around camp fires roasting marshmallows, cooked meals, everything. My children wanted me to be an active part of their life, and I was sleeping through the precious years of their childhood. My husband wanted his companion back. It tore my heart out, I wanted to be a good wife and mother, but I could not help it no matter how determined I became.

How was our family going to survive? Through a spiritual experience, I realized that I had to get better for my family. Since medical doctors had given up on me, I visited iridologist, herbalist, chiropractors and other non-traditional health providers. Every one diagnosed me with Candida. I didn’t feel like I could ever recover from Candida. Was this a death sentence? I had to restore my life. I used herbs, did juice fasts, ate whole foods, restricted my diet, tried essential oils, Reiki, massage, chiropractic, detox treatments, colon cleaners, enemas and on and on and on. Some things helped, but never enough. My pain decreased, but never disappeared. My memory improved some, but I was still very confused. My sleep did not normalize, I was waking every night at 3 am and napping all day, every day.

The herbal combinations, the juice machines, vitamins, organic foods, essential oils, detox treatments, massages, colon cleansers and doctor visits were all very expensive. Not one gave me my life back.

Then, one fateful day, I heard about a probiotic that lowered the Candida population in your body. The stories seemed too good to be true. The mere idea that just maybe I could be healthy again restored the hope that I had lost. I ordered the product, and I could not wait for my package to arrive in the mail.

My life changed the day I took the first packet of a specific strain of probiotic. With the very first packet, I felt an improvement with my brain fog, and this made me excited. I was thrilled to have even a little energy to enjoy my family again. Warily, my husband kept an eye on me. I could tell that his hope was beginning to increase. My thinking was clearing and slowly I became my husbands companion again. My precious children gathered around me, and we were becoming a close family again. In the first week the improvement was so dramatic that I thought I was almost completely well. Looking back, now I realize that I was so sick that I had forgotten what it felt like to be well. It took a few months to really recover.

The world had changed during the years that I was sick. It was overwhelming to see people using cell phones everywhere. Everything seemed new and different to me, I felt like I had been dropped into a century into the future.

Finding an effective treatment for Candida is what I spent literally thousands of dollars and six years searching for, thankfully I learned how to remove from the body what does not belong there and renourish the weakened organs before I had completely given up. I almost did give up, and I am still very thankful to be alive and well.

As the months passed, things continued to get better. I stopped waking up every night at 3 am and was staying awake all day. My neck and muscles loosened up, the knots under my skin and pain disappeared. I felt better with each passing month, and today I do not experience discomfort. I even get on the stair machine several times each week at the gym. My eyesight improved, I no longer needed the eye glasses that I had been wearing since age 18. My bowels began moving regularly, vaginal yeast infections stopped recurring. I have not had one single vaginal yeast infection since I renourished my microflora. My memory improved and I could have conversations again. On top of all of this, as if this were not enough, my appearance has improved and I feel younger. Now others tell me that I glow, commenting on my thick shiny brown hair, sparkly eyes, healthy nails and creamy skin. People just cannot believe that I am in my 40’s. It makes me smile when others tell me I look so young for having children in college. I am so grateful to be healthy again, to be involved in my children’s lives and to have my loving relationship restored with my husband.

Just about the time that I thought I was completely well, I stopped taking this specific strain of probiotic. In a period of 4-8 weeks, I began to slow down again. This began my next phase of learning, of the importance of the micro flora replenishment. I had read it, understood it, but living it helped me to wrap my mind around it completely. I began taking the probiotic again, and my energy began to increase again. It was the addition of the broad spectrum probiotic, that GROWS in the gut, to renourish the microflora, that I was missing (along with a few other things).

Next, I learned about effective detoxification. I had already used thousands of dollars worth of treatments and herbs to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals from my body, but they did not work thoroughly. NCD liquid zeolites were so inexpensive compared to the other heavy metal detoxification methods that I tried, yet, this was the first one that promised effectiveness. NCD liquid zeolites was the only method that provided scientific research. In the end, it was the one that works. Through this information, I gained a deeper sense of wellness, that I did not realize that I needed. It was accidentally learned that that my need for seizure medication had changed, with a routine blood test. When it was determined that my body was metabolizing the seizure medication at a higher rate than in past, and that the medication blood levels were very low, an EEG was ordered to see what was going on. My brain scan had changed. Over the years, whenever I had a brain scan, the results were the same, I had a very serious seizure disorder, my brain was constant high seizure activy. October/2007 the brain scan revealed a generalized seizure disorder. In laymans terms, what this means is that if I do not take anti-seizure medication, I might have a seizure once every ten years. Or I might not. Seizure medication was prescribed. The doctor explained to me (when I asked) that he is obligated by law to prescribe medication. If he does not prescribe the medication and I have a seizure, he would be liable in a lawsuit. I did not fill the prescription and have continued to be seizure free.

In the coming months, I was introduced to the most outstanding discovery in the field of medicine, and once again, studied the information and began to use this product. Since I was ‘completely well,’ I did not expect any results, yet I understood the nutritional value. Much to my surprise, my already energetic disposition deepened, to an energy level that I remember having in my 20’s. What is the secret? Beta Glucans provide the immune system with the nourishment that is needed to function optimally. Call me and I will bore you with facts about a healthy colon and the benefits of polysaccharides! Seriously, many have not heard of immune modulators. It is exciting, and certainly the greatest breakthrough in medicine in my lifetime, so please take a look at this information on my site.

Much has dramatically changed my life over the past several years, as you can see and I wanted others to know that a specific probiotic, polysaccharides, clinoptilolite zeolites in actived form, healthy coffee, sea salt, and much more might bring them relief and a return to vibrant health.

Along the way, I discovered many valuable little known (easy) lifestyle changes and facts that can have a tremendous impact on ones health and quality of life. Some products and treatments available are money well spent, while others are not. If you would like to learn what I did, what worked, what did not work for me, and what my education taught me, you are invited to become my client. I will provide you with information that you need to take educated steps towards wellness. I will provide you with personalized support and share my expertise. Join others throughout the world, who have restored their lives, recovered from Candida, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, etc.

Being that I am also a Holistic Health Care Professional, my education and personal experience far outweigh most sufferers and on line store owners. Anyone can sell you products. I can provide you confidential expert professional individualized consults to get the most out of your purchase and efforts, as even the most valuable nutritional supplements are without value if not properly used.

And here is a 2008 update. I was always naturally thin. A Deprova shot, organ failure, illness in general caused me to gain about 50 pounds, most of it in 1999 when I was the most seriously ill. No diet or exercise program that I tried worked to release the fat. As of this writing today, I have lost over half of the pounds that I gain, six sizes, over 35 inches and continue to lose 1/2 to 1 pound each day on Dr. Simeon’s protocol. This protocol is much more than losing pounds and inches. It is rebalancing the bodies natural body set weight, once and for all. This very impressive manuscript is available on this site.

NOTE: I also mentor many who sell some of the same products that I endorse, so if you might be interested in this, I would be happy to share my experiences in this area as well. There are many people world wide who need the help that we provide, so if you would like to join the cause, let me know.

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