To Chemo or Not, Eat the Right Foods and Boost the Immune System – Episode #3

Victoria Smith

March 1, 2009



AgarigoldIn this episode we continue with part 3 of a 4 part series where Victoria is interviewed by Dr. Symeon as they continue their discussions on cancer, nutrition, and the process of healing the body.

They start with a short discussion on chemo therapy for cancer sufferers. By strengthening the bodies immune system, Victoria has helped to improve the life of people living with cancer. This leads into a conversation about the correct foods to eat. By staying away from processed foods that the body does not recognize as nutrition will improve the ecology within your digestive track. Finally Victoria and Dr Symeon discuss her 3 step process to help the body.

3 Steps Process for Improving the Body’s Health

  1. Nutritional Support creating a strong ecology
  2. Detox heavy metals from your body
  3. Boosting the immune system with Agaragold


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